• Thank you Jeff for being used by Holy Spirit in healing and ministering to us. Last Saturday night, at COTR, Harrisonville, MO, the Lord, thru you, completely healed an open sore on the lower part of my ankle on the outside of my foot. I have been totally pain free ever since and expect to remain healed and pain free. This is an awesome miracle because I have spent most of my life going to wound specialist to get healing for the open sores on my legs and feet that greatly hindered my ability to walk. I praise God for what He has done for me thru you. God bless and prosper you. Love in Christ Jesus.–Allen, Company Name

  • My son missed the last 3 months of 8th grade middle school due to chronic abdominal cramps and stabbing pains along with terrible nausea, and insomnia. After much prayer, fasting, praise, health supplements, colonoscopy, endoscope, emergency rooms, and standing on God's covenant no relief after four months, until Bro. Jeff Jansen came to Detroit, and ushered in the Glory of the Lord in praise and worship and adoration to the Lord. My family truly loves and appreciate you so much Bro. Jeff. The last four months of our lives have been unbelievable. Michael is back to the praying, loving and caring young man of God that he has always been.–Carol & Michael

  • Until couple of weeks ago I had never heard of Jeff. I noticed his books on elijah list. I woke one morning and knew I had to at least have a look at the book reviews on elijah list(jeffs). Was impressed to buy 'Glory rising' at local bookshop.Before this I had spent most of a day praying that I would be able to accept the books teaching(at Gods instruction)I have to say that it is the most supernatural book I have ever read and had a deep impact on me and I have read hundreds over the years.Funnily enough there was something that I have not been able to accept but I just put it in the to hard basket and carried on. The book has become a major turning point in my life and I think God is going to take me deeper yet from it. I can't fully explain it but a few times after reading I would have the impression almost of Jeff being there in the room in the Spirit. I think you are mentoring me even though we have never met. I have been waiting a lot of years for this ministry so thanks for your committment to the Lord and the Gospel.–Ross T.